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Best Gaming Monitors in 2024: My Top Picks

best gaming monitors in 2024: my top picks
Best Gaming Monitors in 2024: My Top Picks

Welcome to my guide on the best gaming monitors in 2024. I’m a gamer, too, and I know an excellent monitor makes games more fun. There are so many to choose from, though. Let me show you my top choices. They have the latest tech, great performance, and features for different needs.

Ready to boost your gaming with the best monitors in 2024?

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the top gaming monitors offering the ultimate gaming experience in 2023.
  • Explore budget-friendly options that still deliver high-quality performance.
  • Learn about the best value gaming monitors for an upgrade in performance.
  • Find out which gaming monitors offer the best overall performance and features.
  • Explore the best options for 4K gaming on 27-inch and 32-inch monitors.

Best Budget 1440p Monitors

Are you looking for a high-quality gaming monitor on a budget? The best budget 1440p monitors are perfect. With refresh rates from 144-180Hz, they’re ideal for most gamers. Consider the LG 27GL850, LG 27GL83A, or the Gigabyte M27Q. These provide great value, impressive resolution, and quick response times. They are under $350.

The LG 27GL850 stands out if you want quality without a high price. It offers a 1440p resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate. Thanks to its Nano IPS panel, expect vibrant colors and accurate visuals. The LG 27GL83A, slightly cheaper, also gets top marks for similar reasons. Gamers and tech enthusiasts often praise both.

Would you prefer a bigger screen? The Gigabyte M27Q is worth considering. It boasts a 27-inch display and a rapid 170Hz refresh rate. This monitor uses an IPS panel, ensuring precise colors and broad viewing angles. It’s a budget-friendly pick that doesn’t skimp on performance and is loved by many gamers.

These budget-friendly 1440p monitors provide crisp visuals, smooth gameplay, and rich colors. They allow an engaging gaming experience without straining your wallet. Suitable for casual and serious players, these monitors are dependable and affordable.

Best Value 1440p Monitors

If you’re ready to spend more for better performance, consider the best-value 1440p monitors. They often have enhanced color and motion performance.

The MSI G274QPF-QD and MSI MAG274QRF-QD are excellent choices. They offer superior contrast ratios, expansive color gamuts, and swift response times. Another option is the Gigabyte M27Q-P. Its value may vary based on pricing and features you want.

Comparison Table: Best Value 1440p Monitors

MonitorContrast RatioColor GamutResponse Time
MSI G274QPF-QD3000:195% DCI-P31ms
MSI MAG274QRF-QD4000:198% DCI-P31ms
Gigabyte M27Q-P1000:192% DCI-P30.5ms

These monitors are great deals. They offer better visuals, smoother play, and gaming tech that boosts gaming fun.

They excel in color and motion, making games more engaging. They’re ideal for action-packed games or exploring detailed game worlds, and your game time will improve greatly.

Best Overall 1440p Monitors

The top 1440p monitors excel in performance and features. They may cost more, but they’re worth it for serious gamers.

The Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDM is my best pick. It has a 240Hz OLED screen, sharp motion, and great HDR. The rich colors and deep blacks make games vibrant. Its quick refresh rate and panel reduce blur and lag. This monitor is at the forefront of gaming technology.

Another great choice is the Asus ROG Swift PG27AQN. This one has a 360Hz IPS LCD screen for better motion clarity and less input lag. Its fast refresh rate and response time give players an edge in quick games. It’s ideal for pros and enthusiasts who want top performance.

Comparing the Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDM and Asus ROG Swift PG27AQN

FeatureAsus ROG Swift PG27AQDMAsus ROG Swift PG27AQN
Refresh Rate240Hz360Hz
Motion ClarityExcellentEven better
HDR CapabilitiesImpressiveN/A
Input LatencyN/ALowest

Looking at the table, each monitor shines in its way. The PG27AQDM is excellent for display and HDR. The PG27AQN is for those valuing motion clarity and quick gameplay.

Choosing the best 1440p monitor depends on your values. Both the PG27AQDM and PG27AQN enhance gaming greatly.

Best 4K 27-inch Monitors

Are you excited to try out 4K gaming? The finest 4K 27-inch monitors are an excellent choice for gamers. These screens give you super sharp details in your games. And the good news is, they’re more affordable now.

The LG 27GN950 is a top pick in this group. It has a 144Hz refresh rate, quick response times, and excellent color quality. This monitor is perfect for gamers who love smooth play and bright visuals. It brings the latest gaming monitor tech, ensuring a great experience with new games.

“The LG 27GN950 is a standout option in this category, offering a 144Hz refresh rate, good response times, and excellent color space coverage.” – Gaming Monitor Expert

Other top choices include the Gigabyte M28U, Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A, MSI Optix MAG281URF, and Samsung Odyssey G7 S28. These monitors have features similar to the LG and offer lots of value. With the latest tech, they show stunning visuals and let you dive deep into your gaming worlds.

Comparison of the Best 4K 27-inch Monitors

ModelRefresh RateResponse TimeColor Space Coverage
LG 27GN950144HzGoodExcellent
Gigabyte M28U144HzGoodGood
Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A144HzGoodGood
MSI Optix MAG281URF120HzGoodGood
Samsung Odyssey G7 S28240HzGoodGood

The comparison table highlights these monitors’ high refresh rates, fast response, and color quality. Think about what you need for gaming and your budget. Then, pick the best 4K 27-inch monitor for you.

Best 4K 32-inch Monitors

If you love big screens for 4K gaming, the best 4K 32-inch monitors are perfect. Their big display and sharp resolution give you an excellent gaming experience.

The Gigabyte M32U is my top pick because it gives excellent value for its price. It has good color and movement, which is ideal for most gamers.

Consider the MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD for better colors or the Alienware AW3423DWF for its QD-OLED panel and big screen shape.

Modern gaming monitors are constantly improving in performance and visuals. The top gaming monitors in 2021 have fantastic features and new technology to make gaming even better.

Comparison Table: Best 4K 32-inch Monitors

MonitorResolutionRefresh RatePanel TypePrice
Gigabyte M32U3840 x 2160144HzVA$XXX
MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD3840 x 2160165HzIPS$XXX
Alienware AW3423DWF3840 x 1440144HzQD-OLED$XXX

The Gigabyte M32U gives you great value. It has a high-res display and a 144Hz refresh rate. The MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD offers more colors with its IPS panel. Meanwhile, the Alienware AW3423DWF has a unique QD-OLED panel and a wider screen for a more immersive experience.

Pick the best 4K 32-inch monitor that meets your needs and budget to upgrade your gaming.

Best Overall 4K Monitors

Untitled design
Best Gaming Monitors in 2024: My Top Picks

The best 4K monitors with HDR are the top pick for premium gaming. They show amazing pictures and work fast, but they’re more expensive.

The Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDM stands out in this group. Its OLED screen and HDR make images look fantastic, with deep blacks and bright colors. This makes your games come alive in big worlds or fast fights.

The Acer Predator X27U is another excellent choice. It refreshes 240 times a second, so games run smoothly. This monitor shows rich colors in all modes and mixes a high refresh rate with 4K resolution for a fantastic, detailed view.

When picking a top 4K monitor, consider what you need and how much you can spend. These monitors are made for top-notch performance and pictures. They’re best for gamers looking to boost their play.

Best 170Hz Monitors

If you’re a gamer wanting a fast monitor, 170Hz monitors are perfect. They give you super-smooth motion and quick reactions. The MSI G272QPF is my top pick for this.

The MSI G272QPF is excellent. Its 165Hz rate shows every image clearly and quickly. Its 1ms time reduces blur, helping you respond faster in games. It works with AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, so no tearing happens, regardless of your graphics card.

This monitor is also budget-friendly, ideal for gamers who are watching their spending but still looking for the best. It’s affordable without sacrificing quality or features, providing excellent visuals and fluid gameplay.

With its fast refresh rate, quick response, and compatibility with leading technologies, the MSI G272QPF is the go-to for gamers wanting top performance.

Best for Color Monitors

Best Gaming Monitors in 2024: My Top Picks

Consider the best gaming monitors for color if you care about color accuracy. They have wide color gamuts and high contrast ratios, making visuals vivid and lifelike. A top pick is the MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD.

This monitor has a 165Hz QHD panel with Nvidia G-Sync support. It shows excellent color for an IPS monitor. Thanks to the wide color gamut, colors are accurate, and the high contrast ratio makes colors deep and rich.

The MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD lets you see games in great detail and vibrant colors. You’ll feel like you’re inside the game. Whether exploring new worlds or in quick action, this monitor makes everything look natural.

Key Features of the MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD:

  • 165Hz QHD panel with a wide color gamut
  • Nvidia G-Sync support for smooth gameplay
  • Impressive contrast ratio for better visuals
  • Fast response time for less blur
  • Sleek design with custom RGB lights

“The MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD changes the game in color accuracy. From bright colors to soft tones, this monitor makes games look incredibly real.” – Gaming Enthusiast

The MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD is perfect for pros, creators, or anyone who loves true colors. Its advanced features and color performance make it a top gaming monitor for color in 2021.

Gaming MonitorScreen SizeResolutionG-Sync SupportRefresh RatePrice
MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD27 inchesQHDYes165Hz$XXX


Finding the right gaming monitor is critical to a great gaming experience. Whether you’re saving money or want the best, there are choices for every gamer. The monitors we looked at have the latest technology, excellent performance, and various features.

When choosing a gaming monitor, consider your budget, the picture quality you want, and the features that matter to you. The perfect monitor can improve your gaming, allowing you to see beautiful scenes, smooth action, and fast responses.

Whether you need something affordable or a high-end model, the monitors I suggested will improve your gaming. Look into different brands and models carefully. Then, pick the one that fits your gaming style.

Choosing one of the top gaming monitors could change your gaming setup. It takes your gaming experience to a new height. So, choose wisely and get ready to enjoy gaming more than ever!


What are the best gaming monitors for 2023?

For 2023, the top gaming monitors include the LG 27GL850 and LG 27GL83A. Budget-friendly 1440p options like the Gigabyte M27Q are also great. Higher-performance models include the MSI G274QPF-QD and MSI MAG274QRF-QD.

The Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDM and Asus ROG Swift PG27AQN lead in 1440p gaming. For 4K, check out the LG 27GN950 and Gigabyte M28U. The Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A and MSI Optix MAG281URF are also excellent choices.

Samsung’s Odyssey G7 S28 offers an immersive experience. Consider the Gigabyte M32U, MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD, and Alienware AW3423DWF for larger screens. The Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDM and Acer Predator X27U top the list for HDR. The MSI G272QPF excels in 170Hz gaming, and the MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD shines for color accuracy.

What are the best budget 1440p gaming monitors?

The LG 27GL850, LG 27GL83A, and Gigabyte M27Q are the top budget 1440p monitors. They offer superb value with high resolution, vibrant colors, and quick response times. At under $350, they meet most gamers’ needs with a 144-180Hz refresh rate.

Which are the best value 1440p gaming monitors?

The MSI G274QPF-QD, MSI MAG274QRF-QD, and Gigabyte M27Q-P are the best value in 1440p monitors. Compared to cheaper models, they provide excellent color or motion performance. Enjoy better contrasts, more comprehensive color ranges, and faster responses for a superior gaming experience.

Which are the best overall 1440p gaming monitors?

The top 1440p gaming monitors are the Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDM and Asus ROG Swift PG27AQN. The Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDM has a 240Hz OLED screen with incredible motion clarity and HDR. The Asus ROG Swift PG27AQN excels in motion clarity and input lag with its 360Hz IPS LCD.

What are the best 4K 27-inch gaming monitors?

The best 4K 27-inch gaming monitors include the LG 27GN950 and Gigabyte M28U. Other top choices include the Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A, MSI Optix MAG281URF, and Samsung Odyssey G7 S28. These monitors offer sharp resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate, quick responses, and vivid colors for immersive gaming.

What are the best 4K 32-inch gaming monitors?

The Gigabyte M32U, MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD, and Alienware AW3423DWF are the best 4K 32-inch monitors. The Gigabyte M32U gives great value with excellent color and motion. The MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD enhances color range, and the Alienware AW3423DWF features a QD-OLED panel with widescreen dimensions.

What are the best overall 4K gaming monitors with HDR capabilities?

The Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDM and Acer Predator X27U are the best 4K HDR gaming monitors. The Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDM uses an OLED panel for stunning HDR, while the Acer Predator X27U has a 240Hz refresh rate and vibrant colors in both SDR and HDR.

Which are the best 170Hz gaming monitors?

The MSI G272QPF leads the 170Hz gaming monitor category. It provides a 165Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time, supporting AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync. It’s affordable for those who want a high-refresh experience without breaking the bank.

What are the best gaming monitors for color accuracy?

The MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD is unrivaled in color accuracy in gaming monitors. It features a 165Hz QHD panel with Nvidia G-Sync, offering vibrant color performance for an IPS monitor. It’s ideal for gamers who value color accuracy above everything else in their visual experience.

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